How To Buy

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to book and buy our products:

  1. Check the item(s) availability. If 'AVAILABLE' status stated below the photo, you are welcome to order the item by filling up the order form provided. Whereas, if the status stated 'FULLY BOOKED', there is no chance for you to order/book the items. If you do so, you will receive an email entitled 'UNAVAILABLE'. If there is any booking cancellation, we will update the item(s) status from time to time.

  2. Ensure all the entered information are correct before submitting the order form especially your email address. Make sure that you can make payment within 2 days. We are very strict with the booking period.

  3. We will give feedback within 24 hours by sending an email entitled 'New invoice from On9hijab Boutique'. The second link is your invoice. The first link is the payment order form that you need to fill in after payment made. The due date given is the 3rd day after we reply your order. Your booking is valid for 2 days only. Please make payment accordingly or else we will cancel your booking and relist the item(s) without prior notice.

  4. If you wish to add up the item(s), kindly email us (or reply the INVOICE if we already give feedback to your previous order) and set the subject to 'ADD'. If you fill in and submit the order form again, we might send another INVOICE with the total amount including postage fee again. If we haven't check your previous order, it will appear in our inbox on the latest order time. We take the order according to time, 1st come 1st serve basis.

  5. If you have to cancel the booking, please reply the INVOICE with the subject set to 'CANCEL' so that we can relist the item(s) immediately.

  6. After payment made, fill in the PAYMENT form with information needed for the shipping and payment purposes. This is compulsory because we need your information in order to proceed with delivery. 

  7. We will despatch the parcel within 3 days after the payment made. Most of the time we will ship your parcel 1 day after you email us but there is possibility that we will ship it on the next 2-3 days, depend on how much parcels that we need to pack within that period of time.

  8. You shall receive the parcel within 1 week after the payment made and if you don't receive the parcel yet, please email us to inform about it. Set your email subject to 'URGENT'. We will trace your parcel and make report to Pos Malaysia Berhad. We will contact you A.S.A.P once they inform us about it.

That's the end of the buying process. Feel free to check out our blogshop frequently to browse and buy the latest products that we offer. Have a pleasant online shopping experience with us.

Thank you. :)

Please note that due to varying settings of computer screens, the colours you see represented in the photographs may not be 100% true to the colour of the item in real life.

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