Email Subject and Labels

Why do you have to set your email subject?

  1. Easy for us to trace and categorized your email purposes.

  2. We will reply according to priority. We will refer to the green label (ORDER and ADD) as well as the yellow label (CANCEL) while checking orders. For delivery purposes, we will refer to the red label (PAYMENT). We will answering all queries labelled 'QUERY'. Unlabelled emails? We will check if we got ample of time.

  3. Therefore, you have to set your email subject.

  4. This is compulsory to ensure all the processes run smoothly.

Thank you for your kind attention.
We wish to serve you better from time to time.

Leezan and Reez

Please note that due to varying settings of computer screens, the colours you see represented in the photographs may not be 100% true to the colour of the item in real life.

How to Wear a Shawl

About Us

We're selling a variety of hijabs including shawls, scarves, pashminas & instant hijabs.

For any query, kindly contact us via email with the subject 'QUERY' and we'll try to give feedback as soon as possible.



Leezan & Reez

Oh yes, I'm the owner of LAC, formerly known as Luvlee_Shawls. ;)

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